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Crystals for self-confidence and self-love

5 Best Healing Crystals for Confidence & Surging Your Self-Love

Crystals hold energetic frequencies to assist us with our growth and healing; one important area they can help us with is our confidence

When we are confident, we are more aligned with self-love, empowerment, and courage, allowing us to no longer be weighed down by anxiety, self-doubt, and worries. 

When we step into our inner power using crystals for confidence our paths can shift in a way that brings in higher opportunities and possibilities. 

Crystals that boost confidence often relate to our Solar Plexus chakra, where we connect to our self-confidence, courage, and inner strength. 

Work with crystals as a supporting element to heal your emotional well-being.

They can help bring old traumas, thought patterns, and outdated beliefs to the surface for you to release.

Crystals can help you invite in the kind of changes you seek, such as confidence, inner strength, and abundance. 

The energies they bring to you can promote greater levels of emotional healing and strength.  

Below you will find examples of crystals to help your motivation, self-esteem and more so you can start manifesting success and happiness.

Learn how to work with these crystals to improve your confidence in this article. 

Table of Contents

Crystals that Help Confidence

Bumblebee Jasper

Bumblebee Jasper often resembles the coloring of a bumblebee bee, with different shades of yellow and black swirling patterns throughout.

Use this crystal to boost confidence, self-esteem, and discernment.

If you are feeling unable to make decisions for yourself and would like to manifest more focus in your life, this stone is ideal to work with to help with confidence. 

Place this healing crystal for confidence on your upper stomach, the Solar Plexus chakra, while meditating to release feelings of self-doubt and worry.

Invite in confidence, courage, and self-esteem.

Bumblebee Jasper can be found and worn as jewelry to boost your leadership abilities and help drive you towards success. 


Citrine is a pale yellow to golden colored stone full of joyful energy to help manifest abundance and bring your ideas to life.

Use this crystal to work on positivity and to boost your confidence.

crystal for confidence

Citrine helps to promote good luck while raising the vibration of your space

This healing stone amplifies the energy of abundance, manifestation, and beauty so consider placing Citrine around your home and on your workspace. 

Honey Calcite

Honey Calcite supports your willpower and drive, helping to overcome obstacles by offering higher levels of motivation.

This stone works to overcome a lack of discernment by bringing your awareness to your inner guidance. 

When you are feeling higher levels of anxiety, sit with Honey Calcite to help remove self-doubt and promote better focus and balance. 

Golden Healer Quartz

Golden Healer Quartz aids with raising your vibration, offering the potential to overcome obstacles to happiness and attraction of your goals.

Full of intense healing energy, this crystal boosts confidence and self-esteem while chipping away at your self-doubt and anxiety. 

Meditate with Golden Healer Quartz to feel more connected to your inner power and divine connection.

Allow this crystal to help you amplify your self-love and strength. 


Amber works to clear your chakras, including the Solar Plexus chakra, to help remove self-doubt, anxiety, and lack of confidence.

This stone helps you to regain your spark of creative expression and clarity, allowing you to move forward with manifesting your ideas and finding success

Amber may not always be available, so Copal is a stone with a similar vibration, offering the same properties.

Use either of these stones to clear your energy and raise your vibration to one of confidence and empowerment.


Aragonite is a crystal for when you want to get right down to the root of your insecurities, fears, and self-doubt.

Healing with this stone helps you to bring old emotions and patterns to the surface so you can work through them, leaving you space to feel empowered, stable, and with self-worth. 

Sit with Aragonite to quietly reflect on your thoughts and emotions, working to bring back the belief in yourself.

A crystal for confidence, use this stone to boost your self-esteem and feelings of inner security. 


Pyrite serves as a powerful crystal to help block out negativity and invite in abundance and positivity.

This stone is one of success and overcoming uncertainty, helping you find your inner strength and confidence. 

Meditate with Pyrite, placing it over your Solar Plexus chakra.

crystals for confidence
Pyrite for confidence and abundance

Notice the sensations you may feel within your body as you focus on what you would like to heal and manifest in your life.

Pay attention to any thought patterns that come to the surface for release, and set the intention to replace them with confidence. 

Tigers Eye

Tigers Eye is a healing stone of courage and helps you to recognize your personal inner power.

This crystal offers a high vibration to overcome negativity and help you to manifest your goals.

image of crystals for anxiety and stress tigers eye
Tigers Eye for self-confidence

The focus Tigers eye offers can guide you on a path of success with confidence and increased self-esteem. 

Tigers Eye can be very grounding and evoke feelings of inner strength, so you may want to carry a piece with you or wear it as jewelry throughout the day.

Sit with this stone when you want to connect to your inner power. 


Sunstone lives up to its name, with vibrant, solar energy to help you connect to your confidence and motivation.

This joyful crystal is empowering, energizing, and promotes good luck. 

Place Sunstone in your living or workspace to help instill higher levels of self-esteem and positivity.

Set this stone on your windowsill as a reminder of bright energy and happiness to boost your vibration and attract good luck. 

Crystals for Confidence, Self-Love, and Anxiety

When it comes to maintaining a state of confidence, releasing anxiety and embodying self-love are important elements to consider.

Loving yourself and relieving yourself of worries allows you to lift the self-doubt and stop second-guessing yourself.

You then feel more empowered and strong with this solid belief in yourself. 

Below are some crystals to help with confidence and self-love, as well as confidence and anxiety

Crystals for Confidence and Self Love

Since self-love is crucial to confidence, here are crystals for confidence and self-love:

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a well-known crystal, as well as a very effective healing stone.

Rose Quartz supports self-esteem through fostering feelings of compassion towards yourself and others.

Crystals for confidence and self-love – Rose Quartz

This stone works with forgiveness, self-love, and empathy. 

Open your heart to unconditional love by holding Rose Quartz or placing it over your Heart chakra while meditating.

Work with this peaceful, soothing stone to bring old emotions to the surface to release, while seeing and observing your self-worth as you invite in the love with yourself. 


Garnet promotes willpower and courage, working with the Heart chakra and the root to feel more centered and secure.

This crystal aids with self-love and overcoming negative feelings so that you can embrace your inner beauty. 

Wear this stone as jewelry or place it in your pocket for motivation and inspiration throughout the day.

Call on Garnet when you would like to pull in more courage and feelings of self-love


Rhodochrosite serves as a crystal for promoting self-love, self-worth, and self-confidence.

This stone offers deep levels of compassion for yourself and others and works well with both the Heart and Solar Plexus chakras for promoting self-esteem and acceptance of yourself. 

Keep this crystal nearby or hold it over your heart to bring in feelings of self-love and confidence.

Rhodochrosite offers the healing needed for motivation in overcoming obstacles of self-doubt. 

Crystals for Confidence and Anxiety

Since anxiety blocks confidence, here are crystals for confidence that remove anxiety:


Amethyst is well known for relieving stress and offering emotional clearing.

This healing crystal works to clear your anxieties and doubts so you can feel more empowered and confident.

image of amethyst which is the best crystal for anxiety and stress
Amethyst is a great crystal for confidence building

Soothing energy, Amethyst works to access your inner strength and dispel feelings of stress

Wear Amethyst in jewelry form or carry a piece with you to receive the calming energy throughout the day, allowing you to connect to your inner strength and boost confidence. 

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate works as a highly calming, soothing stone.

Offering self-expression and communication, this crystal helps give you the confidence you need to speak your truth.

Self-acceptance and feelings of inner peace can be found with Blue Lace Agate. 

Dissolve your fears and anxieties by sitting quietly with a piece of Blue Lace Agate.

Allow the energy to dispel your worries and help you connect to your confidence on a deeper level. 


Amazonite offers very soothing energy to those who work with this stone for relieving anxiety and fears.

This crystal helps you to come from a place of love rather than fear, alleviating worries and stress so you can feel more in touch with your inner strength.  

Meditate with Amazonite to transmute negative energy into positive energy.

Use this crystal to feel emotionally balanced and more confident in yourself. 

Next Steps

These crystals hold an important place when it comes to healing a lack of confidence, promoting self-love, and removing anxiety.

The more inner work you do on yourself, the more prone you are to experience the benefits of these stones.

They serve as an incredible tool to help you on your healing journey, offering the opportunity to overcome emotional obstacles that interfere with feelings of self-worth. 

Releasing self-doubt and working towards self-love go a long way to embracing your confidence. 

Use these crystals as often as you feel inclined to start stepping into your inner power and boosting your confidence!

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