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Aventurine vs Amazonite [11 Ways to Tell These Crystals Apart]

Here are 5 ways to tell the differences between aventurine vs amazonite. Aventurine vs Amazonite Visual Differences Aventurine is: Amazonite is: Aventurine vs Amazonite Metaphysical Properties Aventurine’s metaphysical properties, spiritual uses, and benefits include: Amazonite’s metaphysical properties, spiritual uses, and benefits include: Aventurine vs Amazonite Origin & Sourcing Aventurine is mostly found in India. Amazonite […]

Is Malachite Toxic?

Malachite is not toxic as polished jewelry or finished product; however, it is toxic in its raw form, as copper dust particles found in Malachite are harmful to humans. Malachite is a mineral that can be toxic if raw malachite particles are ingested or inhaled in large quantities. It contains varying amounts of copper, which […]

Super Seven Crystal: 7 Best Uses, Healing Benefits, & Meaning

Super seven crystal comprises 7 different types of material and has several different names, including; sacred seven or melody’s stone. Here are the 7 different materials found in super 7: Each of these can be found in super 7 crystals in varying amounts and is typically surrounded by clear quartz crystals. Super Seven Crystal Uses […]

Crystals For Prosperity & Abundance – Manifest Wealth & Money

Looking for crystals for prosperity and abundance is easier than you think. The key to using each of these crystals for prosperity and abundance is to use them while in the receiving emotion of gratitude. People who are in an emotional state of lack and separation are the ones who are pushing prosperity and abundance […]

How To Manifest With Crystals – A Step-By-Step Guide

Learning how to manifest with crystals is easier than you think. The key is to have a repeatable and proven system that has worked for others and will certainly work for you. There are many powerful ways to manifest your goals and desires using crystals, and no one-size-fits-all approach works for everyone. That being said, […]

Crystals For Migraines & To Help Relieve Painful Headaches

Crystals for migraine headaches are some of the most popular crystals because the pain relief can be so powerful. Here are seven crystals that are believed to be particularly helpful for migraines: Crystals are powerful when you take specific actions with them. With migraines and headaches, make sure you focus on letting go, breathing, and […]

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