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7 Best Crystals for Beginners and How to Best Use Them

7 Best Crystals for Beginners and How to Best Use Them

The best crystals for beginners are Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Clear Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Carnelian, and Tigers Eye.

These crystals are best because they offer a wide range of uses, properties, and healing powers.

Best crystals for beginners. Source: Sunset

For more than 6000 years, crystals have healed those who understand their energetic powers.

Crystals are full of energy as they possess something called piezoelectricity.

This means they can hold a charge, kind of like a battery can.

“Crystals remind us to shift our focus, energy, and attention on our intentions.”

Dr. Jay Cavanaugh – Founder –

Simply managing our ability to focus is powerful for both personal and spiritual growth.

Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Crystals are often used in healing because they resonate with the body’s chakras or energy centers.

This article will cover some of the most commonly used crystals with compelling ways to use them.

You can wear crystals as jewelry, tuck them in your bra, or hold them in your hand, or even under your pillow. The key is getting started.

Try under the pillow if you love having powerful dreams or even have wanted to try lucid dreaming.

Crystals for sleeping and lucid dreaming. Source: Angelgrotto

My biggest tip for people wanting to start getting into crystals is one of my favorite pieces of life advice.

“Don’t wait for a feeling to act. Act to create the feeling.”

Start by purchasing a single crystal and get curious about caring for and using it.

Many crystals aren’t all that expensive.

Watch some YouTube videos, chat in Facebook groups, get curious, and use Google to learn more.

Getting started is #1!

Crystals are organic and come from good ole Mother Earth.

The earth provides everything we need if you honestly think about it for a moment.

Beginning your journey into crystals builds your connection with nature, Earth, and the Universe.

It’s a powerful experience to embark on, and we are happy to be part of it.

Table of Contents

Crystals Help With Mood, Health, and Healing

Crystals have a powerful and genuine impact on mood.

The best way to understand this is by better understanding emotions.

Emotions are energy in motion.

The Latin term “emovere” means to stir, agitate, and move.

Emotions are energy.

Defining them as love, fear, excitement, or frustration labels the energy’s effect on firing off specific neuronal pathways in our body.

One of the best examples of this is considering the difference between anxiousness and excitement.

Both fire the same neuronal pathways in the Sympathetic system.

Your heart rate rises, palms sweat, pupils dilate, and blood vessels open up.

The only difference between the two is the context and meaning given to interpret and label these feelings as a specific emotion.

Make sense?

This knowledge allows us to manage better the energetic effects we experience with our crystals.

They can help with our health because our body is more energy than matter.

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Don’t worry, when I first heard this, I was skeptical as well.

Your health is a result of your genes and the energetic environment.

Take two of the same genes, yet place them in two unique energetic environments, and they are expressed differently.

Genes are turned on or off contingent upon the energetic environment they are exposed to.

They are what produce the proteins that become part of who you are.

You literally can change physically by better managing the energy you allow into your internal and external environment.

That is powerful!

Finally, when it comes to healing, crystals have got your back.

Very similar to what I’ve stated above, crystals have the energetic power to heal from within.

We seem to be addicted to seeking solutions from outside of us in modern times.

Start looking within for true and ever-lasting healing!

Your body has the power to heal itself.

It just needs you to focus more on what matters and less on what doesn’t.

Be the energy you want in your life.

Imagine yourself as the creator of your life and not the victim of circumstance.

You have all the power of possibility within you, regardless of what looking back on your past reveals.

Looking back typically reveals a lack of using the power and not a lack of possessing it.

I can look on my wall and see no art I created while still owning an easel, paint, and canvas.

You possess the power, and you just haven’t pushed the power button on yet.

3 Best Ways to Use Crystals for Beginners

There are plenty of ways to use crystals, and finding what works for you is what you’ll learn next.

“One of the biggest mistakes people make when starting with crystals is overthinking and perfectionism.”

There is not getting it right or doing it wrong.

All your crystal wants from you is to be part of your spiritual journey. That’s it!

Crystals don’t have expectations, judge you, and energetically love you as you are right now.

They accept everything about you at this moment and hope you offer them the same kindness.

“Your crystal isn’t perfect and doesn’t expect you to be either.”

Crystals with Meditation

One of the best ways to start using crystals is to pair them with your meditation practice.

This helps to center you and shift your focus into the present moment.

The best way to use crystals is with meditation

If you’re new to meditation, don’t overthink it.

Relax, quiet your mind, and allow thoughts to gently pass through as if they’re a leaf floating in a river.

While meditating, you can place your crystals in front of you or in your hands.

You can buy jewelry that holds the crystals against your body as well.

This is one of the most popular ways to use crystals.

Crystals Paired With Intentions

Pairing your daily intentions with the power of your crystals is like having your best hair day while wearing your hottest new outfit.

It’s the one-two punch.

Here’s the most powerful way to use crystals as a part of your daily morning routine.

Upon awakening, lay in bed for 1-2 minutes with one of your crystals in your hand.

Amethyst or clear quartz are great options.

Remain in a well-rested state, as if you’re about to drift off back to sleep.

While holding the crystal in either your right or left hand, ask the Universe, spirit, or your God, what you wish you feel today.

Set a “feeling-based” intention with crystal in hand.

Many of us want to change and grow, yet many make a big mistake.

We don’t ask for what we want from the one who loves us unconditionally and wants to give to s without asking for a thing in return.

Call it spirit, call it source, or call it any God you choose.

Energy is waiting, almost begging you to tell it what you want.

Imagine your favorite dog looking into your eyes while you have a stick or a ball in your hand.

The Universe is looking to you in the same way, wanting to have a little fun while forming a stronger bond with you.

Let’s get back to you in bed for a moment.

While in a very rested and relaxed state, gently place your focus, energy, and attention on choosing a feeling you want to experience that day.

Feelings such as:

  • Feeling connected to others.
  • Letting go from emotional attachment.
  • Feeling accomplished.
  • Feeling loved.
  • The desire to feel safe and protected.
  • Feeling as if healing is happening.

You get to choose the feeling you want to experience that very same day.

While the crystal is in your hand, set this feeling-based intention and pair it with imagining yourself experiencing this emotion using all five senses when possible.

Crystals On a Walk

Walking with your crystals is lovely if you feel stuck or aren’t sure what to do.

Maybe you’re in a relationship and not sure if it’s the right one for you.

Perhaps you’re considering a career change or quitting a job.

You’re searching for answers and could use a little guidance and insights.

This is a perfect time to grab one of your crystals.

Rose Quartz is a perfect one to consider.

One of the best and rarely discussed times to use a crystal for clarity and guidance is while on a walk.

Benjamin Franklin and Charles Darwin used walking to gain insights and find answers.

Darwin gave credit to what he called his “sand walk” for helping to reveal his theory on evolution.

A repetitive movement paired with a crystal such as Rose Quartz or Clear quartz is sure to open your mind to see things in a new way.

It’s almost like taking the blinders off of a horse in a way.

You’ll have ideas come to you the more you surrender to the process and clear your mind to allow a fresh new perspective to enter it.

Imagine clearing a runway at an airport entirely for the plane of possibilities to land.

This is one of the most powerful ways to allow your intuition to be set free.

This technique works best when your walks are free of technology, free of thoughts, and free of the opposing force of resistance.

Less thought and more trust will reveal more clarity and more insights.

Now go for a walk with your crystal in hand.

7 Types of Crystals to Help Get Started

So how do you choose the right crystal? 

We’ve researched this extensively to give you insight into the most commonly used stones.

The best way to choose the right crystal, to begin with, is to define what you need help with.

Click on one of the crystals below to find the best crystal for you, or take our “Crystals for Beginners Quiz” found below!

  1. Amethyst – crystal for self-awareness
  2. Rose Quartz – crystal for self-love
  3. Citrine – crystal for happiness
  4. Clear quartz – crystal for balance and clearing 
  5. Black Tourmaline – crystal for removing negative energy 
  6. Carnelian – crystal for clarity and guidance
  7. Tigers Eye – crystal for confidence

As you enjoy your spiritual journey and learn more about crystals, you’ll notice some overlap between their meanings.

Overall, there is a general acceptance of each crystal’s specific meanings and properties.

Don’t be shocked to see variety and diversity in crystals.

3 Ways to Find and Buy The Right Crystal

It’s time to buy your first crystal, and you don’t want to waste your money.

Here are some simple ways to get started on deciding which crystal is best for you.

1. Visit a local crystal shop.

The best way to find the right crystal is to find a local crystal shop, stop in, look around, and see what’s drawn to you.

Many crystal lovers state “feeling a connection” with a crystal once they encounter it.

Trust your gut, and don’t overthink it.

Crystal users often have 20-50 stones, so picking the right one isn’t as important as you think.

Crystal owners often have over 20+ crystals.

Keep it light, keep it fun, and become fascinated with finding new love.

2. Search by intention

What do you want a crystal for specifically?

Perhaps it’s love, wealth, protection, healing?

Many people find it easiest to buy a crystal by deciding what they need it for.

Think about the changes you want to make in your life and you’ll easily find the right crystal to support you on that journey.

We have an easy-to-use section to help you search by intention by clicking here.

3. Buy a book on healing crystals

There are several books on crystals that are highly rated and extremely educational.

Here are the three best books for beginning with crystals.

  1. “Crystals for Beginners” – Karen Frazier
  2. “The Crystal Bible” – Judy Hall
  3. “Crystals: The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing” – Yulia Van Doren

We have reviews on each of these books if you want help in choosing which is best for you.

5 Ways to Cleanse, Clear, and Charge Your Crystals

The most important thing for you to know when cleansing your crystals is this.

“What works for one crystal may be horrible for another.”

Here are the best ways to cleanse, clear, and charge your crystals.

1. The “Sage Smudge”

The “Sage Smudge” is one of the most common techniques to use once you receive your crystals.

Image of a Sage Smudge

Sage removes any negative energy the crystals gained along the way.

2. Salt bowl

Place your crystals in a dry bowl of salt.

Salt bowl for cleansing crystals

Be VERY careful with salt as some crystals will dissolve in salt.

Here’s a list of crystals you can cleanse this way.

3. Water cleanse

***Warning *** Some crystals do not do well with water at all.

Keep in mind crystals are composed of minerals, and especially with those with iron, rusting is a genuine concern.

Springwater is best for a crystal to cleanse

Refer to this list of crystals below to know which do well with water and which do not.

4. Selenite slab

Selenite is a type of crystal commonly used to cleanse other crystals energetically.

Purchase a slab of Selenite, and you can rest your crystal on that slab.

Selenite slabs are great for cleansing crystals

Its recommended to let your crystal stay on the slab overnight for an optimal reset and recharge.

5. Moonlight

This is a way to charge and cleanse your crystals.

Choosing to charge your crystals in alignment with a new moon is best.

Under the first full moon

Simply lay your crystals outdoors and allow the moonlight to recharge them.

Be careful to avoid moisture or dew!

Next Steps

Congratulations on taking your first step!

The most significant way to make your journey with crystals effective is to believe in them because they believe in you.

Learn that you have the power within yourself to grow and to change with our without a crystal; however, it’s often helpful to not “go it alone.”

Crystals are very powerful reminders to focus in a very distraction-riddled world.

Here are some next steps to consider taking below.

  1. Contact us with any questions you have by clicking here.
  2. Download our #1 most popular PDF and video series. Click here.
  3. Buy a crystal, set your intention, and repeat.
  4. Watch our YouTube videos to gain additional insights.

We are here for you and look forward to supporting you on your journey.

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