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Strawberry Quartz Meaning, Healing Properties, and Useful Facts

Strawberry quartz is a fun crystal that adds a little pop of color and uniqueness to the quartz crystal family.

It’s quite surprising how many different varieties of quartz exist!

Strawberry quartz

What is strawberry quartz?

Strawberry quartz is a rare, beautiful, and unique stone with red inclusions formed by iron oxide inclusions.

This stone resembles the appearance of strawberries and is a member of the quartz crystal family.

These crystals are somewhat rare and often found in Chihuahua Mexico.

It’s easy to mistake strawberry quartz for rose quartz crystals.

The two look quite similar with the main difference being a more mottled appearance with strawberry quartz.

The differences in appearance between strawberry quartz vs rose quartz are illustrated below.

Strawberry quartz vs Rose Quartz

Rose quartz healing crystals possess many of the metaphysical properties of strawberry quartz stone.

Some people have also stated it appears similar to pink tourmaline.

Lighter-colored stones are more likely to be confused with other stones.

This stone makes loving energies and positive bonds form with those closest to you.

There is also a green strawberry quartz crystal as well as seen below.

Green strawberry quartz

The meaning and use of strawberry quartz

Strawberry Quartz possesses beautiful energy filled with compassion, kindness, and kindness.

It brings a very powerful life energy as there is nothing greater than love.

Strawberry quartz helps by showcasing its emotional healing abilities that are heart-centered.

It encourages a strong connection of the soul with all that exists in its world.

Strawberry quartz may be used in beads, tumble stones, or towers.

Thanks to its beautiful shade of pink-red, strawberry quartz are often fashioned into a necklace, earrings, or pendants.

Strawberry Quartz Healing Properties

Strawberry quartz helps with a variety of impressive therapeutic properties.

This powerful crystal has calming qualities, invites unconditional love, and emits positive energy.

It helps release negative thoughts and better manage emotional responses guiding those who possess it to find a better way to think positively.

Strawberry quartz brings love into the hearts of those who embrace its power while bringing peace back into their lives.

This crystal can boost feelings of love and honesty but also improves the sense of open-mindedness.

Its vibrational frequency can spread over long distances and throughout the entire Universe.

Strawberry quartz promotes confidence and self-esteem.

This gem is a wonderful gift to give to someone who has experienced low self-worth, a recent breakup, or could use some love and compassion.

The mere presence of strawberry quartz at your fingertips can give you a grounding experience that will also improve your spirits.

Many people use strawberry quartz as a spiritual support stone as well as it helps connect you with source.

Strawberry quartz invites a loving and caring nature to enter the environment in which it is found.

Using strawberry quartz crystal helps create more heart-centered awareness.

It helps replace damaging thought patterns with more positive thoughts and therefore more positive energies.

A sense of inner peace is often stated as being felt by the owners of this beautiful crystal.

If you’re looking to bring love into your life consider holding this stone over your heart while imaging your ideal partner.

Living in a genuinely loving environment will help amplify the power of strawberry quartz crystal.

The healing powers of strawberry quartz are one of its often hidden talents.

Some people report placing this crystal under their bed to promote astral travel.

How To Cleanse And Charge Strawberry Quartz

When activating the powers of this stone regularly, frequent cleansing and charging are required.

Leave it in clear water overnight to charge it with Mother Earth’s universal energies.

Using a selenite slab is a very common way to cleanse and charge this crystal as well.

Simply place the crystal on top of the slab for 4-6 hours and it will be recharged and ready to go!

A sage smudge is one of the most popular ways to cleanse strawberry quartz.

Moonlight will cleanse and recharge this crystal overnight as well.

No worries as it can tolerate water quite well.

Chakras And Strawberry Quartz

This crystal has been linked to the heart chakra and root chakra energy.

Use this tool to balance and harmonize Heart Chakra energies and allow you to feel more accepting of love from all sources.

It brings the earth’s loving energy into your heart chakra and encourages its flow through the rest of the chakras.

The vibration in the crystalline material helps reduce your desire to hurt someone in your life and instead invites empathy, compassion, and perspective.

Use strawberry quartz to activate your heart energy center by raising your vibrational energy.

Strawberry Quartz Zodiac & Birthstone

Strawberry quartz is highly regarded by those of the Libra sign.

Libra is the official zodiac sign of Strawberry Quartz.

Those of the Libra sign are well known for independence, courage, intelligence, and loyalty to friends’ interests.

Strawberry quartz helps invite a more loving vibe.

The romantic within you will awaken and love will find you when quartz strawberry is by your side.

For Libras, this crystal will awaken your love for talents such as music, singing, painting, or writing.

Things Libras might want to remove like possessive and indecisive behavior will disappear when you use this healing crystal.

A great gift would be something like this strawberry quartz bracelet seen below.

Strawberry quartz bracelet

How about a strawberry quartz ring?

Strawberry quartz ring

My favorite is a simple strawberry quartz tower.

Strawberry quartz tower

How to use Strawberry Quartz?

Strawberry quartz helps keep your aura clear of negative energy and lower vibrational frequencies.

It is recommended to place this crystal in the northern area of the living area of your home.

Using this crystal as a necklace is a powerful way to place its healing energies adjacent to your heart.


Is Strawberry quartz a real stone?

Yes, strawberry quartz really does exist!

The stones are naturally occurring.

Fake strawberry quartz isn’t commonly seen.

Is strawberry quartz the same as Rose Quartz?

No, these are different crystals however a lot of overlap exists between their uses.

Rose Quartz possesses more of a light pink color that’s a bit more transparent.

Strawberry quartz has darker pink shades that are opaque due to its iron oxides.

Is strawberry quartz rare?

Strawberry quartz is somewhat rare and tends to be on the most expensive side of the quartz family.

It’s still very reasonably priced when compared to other crystals.

What is strawberry quartz good for?

Love, self-love, empathy, and compassion.

What does strawberry quartz do?

Evokes loving energy in those who possess it.

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