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Larimar crystal - Meaning & Metaphysical Properties

Larimar Crystal – 3 Best Meanings & Metaphysical Uses of this stone

You’re about to learn about one of the hottest and most stunning crystals on the market, Larimar! What is Larimar? Larimar crystal is a vibrant blue crystal whose appearance is similar to that of the appearance of water in the Caribbean ocean. This blue jewel of a stone is found exclusively on the Caribbean island […]

Dragons blood stone

Dragons Blood Crystal – 6 Best Meanings & Uses of Jasper Stone

Dragon Blood Jasper is a rare crystal also known as Dragon Stone. This stone resembles the skin of a dragon, with opaque red and green coloring swirled throughout the crystal in both raw and polished form.  The red coloring has been described to resemble dragon’s blood. Dragon Blood Jasper stones are actually not jasper, but […]

What crystals should not be in your bedroom

What crystals should not be in your bedroom?

The idea of keeping crystals in your bedroom for a good night’s sleep may seem to support thoughts of healing rest and a way to brighten the bedroom. Keeping nightmares away and fighting insomnia can be helped with the soothing energy of crystals at night. Calming the energy in your bedroom with a crystal near […]

Crystals for plants

8 Best Crystals for Plants Healing from Near Death

Crystals are often used to aid with healing ourselves and others, but did you know they can help plants, too? House plants, garden plants, trees, and all things “green” benefit from crystals for plants. Crystals can help plants flourish and grow abundantly and work to revive sick plants. The healing energies of crystals promote growth […]

Crystals for patience and tolerance

8 Best Crystals for Patience and Tolerance in Dark Times

Let’s discuss which crystals are best for having more patience and how to use them. Crystals work best when you trust in their abilities and shift your focus into the present moment. Best Healing Crystals for Patience Danburite These crystals possess a tremendous amount of spiritual energy. Danburite is a powerful stone for entering a […]

Crystals for Psychic Ability and Intuition

8 Best Crystals for Psychic Ability & Powerful Intuition

Everyone has the gift of being psychic, but not everyone has tapped into their intuition to the fullest potential. Crystals for psychic abilities can serve as a helpful tool to connect to your intuition, whether you are already in touch with your psychic side or just starting out. Here you will find different crystals for […]

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