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image of grape agate crystals and their meaning

7 Big Reasons to Heal With Authentic Grape Agate Crystals

Grape agate is a type of crystal used by those looking for a deeper understanding of their truth. It’s rare and grape agate is found in the Mamuju Regency of West Sulawesi, Indonesia. What’s interesting about “Grape Agate” is the fact that it’s been around for thousands of years in Indonesia, but wasn’t revealed to […]

7 Best Crystals for Beginners and How to Best Use Them

7 Best Crystals for Beginners and How to Best Use Them

The best crystals for beginners are Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Clear Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Carnelian, and Tigers Eye. These crystals are best because they offer a wide range of uses, properties, and healing powers. For more than 6000 years, crystals have healed those who understand their energetic powers. Crystals are full of energy as they […]

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