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Lemurian Quartz Meaning, Healing Properties, Benefits, and Useful Facts

Lemurian quartz crystal is an unusual form of quartz crystal with ladder-like horizontal striations and clear to pinkish-brown coloration. What makes this crystal most exciting is its connections to an ancient civilization known as Lemuria which we will discuss in further detail a bit later in this article. The horizontal striations act as a staircase […]

Strawberry Quartz Meaning, Healing Properties, and Useful Facts

Strawberry quartz is a fun crystal that adds a little pop of color and uniqueness to the quartz crystal family. It’s quite surprising how many different varieties of quartz exist! What is strawberry quartz? Strawberry quartz is a rare, beautiful, and unique stone with red inclusions formed by iron oxide inclusions. This stone resembles the […]


Can Amethyst Go In Water? The Answer Is Yes!

Yes, amethyst can go in water as its Mohs scale rating is a 7. Crystals above a 5 on the Mohs scale can tolerate water quite well. Cleansing amethyst crystal is essential to remove negative energy. Amethyst is a bright purple gemstone that belongs to the quartz family. Amethyst Goes Best With Moon Water Putting […]

crystals for manifesting

How to Use Crystals for Manifesting Love, Abundance, and Your SP

The best crystals for manifesting by intention are: Manifesting money – Pyrite crystals Manifesting love – Rose Quartz crystal Manifesting success – Green aventurine Manifesting a specific person – Clear quartz Manifesting abundance – Citrine crystals Manifestation crystals provide an important tool in helping to activate the laws of attraction and law of vibration in […]

Crystals for a new home

5 Best Crystals To Cleanse, Energize, & Bless A New Home

Congratulations on purchasing your new home! Your new house contains leftover energy from previous occupants and this old energy must be cleared. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s all negative energy, however. You chose this home for its positive vibes so allow this excitement to flow through you. This article is designed to offer you a […]

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