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Zodiac Sign Perfectionist

The 6 Biggest Perfectionist Zodiac Signs: You on the List?

Perfectionism starts by having a goal that’s simply not attainable because perfection doesn’t exist. Let’s talk about the top 6 perfectionist zodiac signs and start with the least and finish with the sign most associated with perfectionism. The 6 Biggest Perfectionist Zodiac Signs 6 – Leo – Leos often exude confidence and will stop at […]

Golden Healer Quartz

Golden Healer Quartz: A Guide To Its Meaning, Properties & Uses

Golden Healer Quartz is a golden color crystal that ranges from pale to deep shades of golden yellow and comes from the quartz crystal family. Golden Healer Quartz obtains its golden hue from the iron oxide trapped inside the pieces of quartz. This high vibration crystal is often mined in the United States but can […]

Caribbean Calcite Crystals

Caribbean Calcite: A Guide To Its Meaning, Properties & Uses

Caribbean Calcite is an aqua blue crystal with shades of white or brown inclusions. Caribbean Calcite gemstone is a rare combination of Blue Calcite and White and Brown Aragonite minerals. Although it’s not actually found in the Caribbean, the name comes from the tranquil resemblance to the beaches of the Caribbean. Discovered several years ago […]

Crystal Pendulum Dowsing

How to Quickly Improve Focus Using Crystal Pendulum Dowsing

Our ability to maintain focus is one of the most powerful skills we need to be a better listener, attentive learner, and effectively accomplish tasks. Focus can be improved by making pendulum dowsing a part of your daily practice. Let’s talk about some simple actions you can take to flex your focus muscle and better […]

7 Chakra Stones – Colors, Healing Benefits & Energy Uses

Working with chakra healing stones can heal and balance your energy fields. Placing a healing crystal on your physical body over each chakra can help shift your energy into a more balanced state by releasing stuck energy and emotions while inviting you to new states of being. Chakra stones can be a great tool for […]

Pink Calcite Meaning, Metaphysical Properties, & 5 Uses

Pink calcite also known as Mangano Calcite has a waxy and translucent appearance and is used for healing, cleansing, and self-love. Its most powerful metaphysical property is it being considered a stone of compassion. This crystal is similar and often confused with rose quartz. Spiritual Meaning & Healing Properties of Pink Calcite Pink calcite helps […]

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