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Crystals for a new home

5 Best Crystals To Cleanse, Energize, & Bless A New Home

Congratulations on purchasing your new home!

Your new house contains leftover energy from previous occupants and this old energy must be cleared.

This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s all negative energy, however.

You chose this home for its positive vibes so allow this excitement to flow through you.

This article is designed to offer you a simple and easy-to-understand systematic approach to choosing crystals for a new home.

Courtesy: Forbes Magazine

5 Best Crystals To Cleanse, Energize, & Bless A New Home

We recommend these crystals along with some thoughts and ideas on how to use them.

It takes time to adjust, settle into, and be comfortable in your new home.

We want everything to be right when making this big move and having the right energy and vibe in a house is extremely important.

It’s also a great idea to have crystals to settle your jittery nerves after a move.

Most people don’t even realize that we go through the grieving process when we move!

Yes, it’s true!

The exact same process someone goes through after a death in the family.

For this reason, crystals are a very important part of this process!

Moving houses often cause unforeseen feelings, fears, and the unexpected.

How to Cleanse The Energy of a House Before Moving In

Burning sage around the house should be the very first step you take.

This not only cleanses your home but it creates a protective aura within your home as well.

Walk the entire home as well as property with sage and don’t forget the attic and basement!

Keeping negative energy away from your home also involves being conscious of the people you allow through your front door.

Be sure to manage who you invite over for the big reveal!

Blessing and Protecting Your New Home with Black Tourmaline Crystals

Black tourmaline is one of the best crystals for absorbing negative energy and home protection.

It’s a dark crystal that pulls bad energy away from you and your new home and absorbs it.

Black Tourmaline offers protection and grounding and can send bad emotions out of doors.

This crystal helps you calm bad moods and ensures you’ll feel secure every time you enter your own home.

When should you place black tourmaline near doors and on window sills you’ll feel the protection you have from anyone entering.

Tourmaline is renowned for its powerful protective properties.

It purifies and transforms dense energy into light vibrations when placed inside the residence.

If you have much tech in your house, black tourmaline protects against harmful electromagnetic radiation by being piezoelectric and storing a small electrical charge.

One of the easiest ways to create positive energy is to simply remove the negative.

Where do you place black tourmaline in the house?

The most common place for this crystal to be placed is at the front door.

Pair this with only allowing people with good vibes into your home and you’re on the right path.

Keep in mind that black tourmaline is one of the protective crystals that must be cleansed and charged frequently.

Why Use Protection Crystals for the Home?

Having protective stones around the house adds a level of comfort and emotional balance to a home.

Think about when you have surrounded yourself with negative energy from others in the past.

You may have internalized their bad energy as energy and the feelings they elicit are contagious.

Healing crystals for a new home protect you from internalizing andy potential negative influences.

They can also be used as home decor as well!

How Crystals Absorb Negative Energy

The negative vibes or negative energies left behind by a previous owner are looking for ground.

We don’t want that ground to be you!

Energy is constantly looking for a place to go as it’s constantly vibrating.

Specific crystals have a very powerful ability to align with this energy and therefore absorb it.

Tiger’s Eye for Protection Against Evil

Tiger’s eye is a protective stone that has traditionally been used to protect as an amulet against bad forces.

The Romans would wear it to protect themselves from danger and evil.

Tiger’s eye is aligned with the root and sacral chakras and possesses many other properties in addition to its protective powers.

Tigers eye crystal for a new home

Tiger’s Eye should be used at your new residence for protection from unknown enemies.

I recommend placing it near windows and doorways.

Smoky Quartz To Clear Negativity

Smoky Quartz is another beautiful crystal.

Smoky Quartz protects you from negative thoughts and stress that may arise from your daily life.

This makes it a great crystal to have either in the kitchen or home office if you have a high-stress job.

Smokey quartz crystal

It can even absorb negative energy from a previous owner or negative energy which is present within the house.

This crystal protects you against energy attacks and cleanses the vibrations inside the home.

These darker crystals can be used to protect homes and other possessions from being stolen as well.

For this reason, consider placing some smokey quartz in or near your jewelry boxes.

Shungite For Purifying Your New Home

Shungite is a precious mineral found only in Karelia in Russia.

Historically, it has medicinal benefits as well as cleansing properties.

Shungite crystals

It is even said Peter the Great made every soldier carry a shungite!

Shungite contains unique carbon that normally occurs on meteorites, which is a unique feature!

Shungitite’s unique carbon structure makes it powerful to purify the water.

The product protects against electromagnetic fields and absorbs several elements, including chemicals, chlorine, and radioactive particles.

You can either place it near your kitchen faucet or in 1-2 glasses of water you drink daily.

Rose Quartz Crystals for a New Home’s Positive Energy

Rose Quartz is a compassionate and soothing crystal that heals hearts and nurtures the harmonious energies surrounding them.

Rose quartz crystals for a new house

This crystal is a love amplifier that is a perfect addition to any home and can also help you develop romantic love.

You will also want to put these crystals in the bedrooms to improve your sleeping.

Crystals for Manifesting a Home Are Great to Keep Your Home

You may be thinking, “I already manifested this home, so why would I need crystals for manifestation inside?”

The answer is simple.

The positive energy that brought you to this home is also the same positive energy that will help you to keep this home!

You may have manifested this home, yet manifesting abundance into your life is a continual process.

There’s more to manifest, such as children, better jobs, and strong relationships!

Where to Place Crystals for a New Home

Crystal placement isn’t an absolute.

The energy of all healing crystals permeates and spreads its gentle energy throughout your home.

One popular way is to create a crystal grid.

There are many types, but the best for energy comes from the crystal grid in the video below.

Another common placement of crystals is at all four corners of the house.

This will bring harmony, and many feel will invite angels into your new space.

Crystals placed in all four corners of the house also delineate protective boundaries.

Have you also considered large crystals for home decor?

Crystals can truly light up a room.

Create a Sacred Space in Your Home

In ancient times, many people had sacred spaces within their homes for praying and religious ceremonial rituals.

If you have a room that doesn’t seem to have a purpose and is on the smaller side, this is a great space for a meditation room.

Chakra stones are the perfect addition to this space, as well as some selenite and sage to recharge the crystals in your home every 3-4months or sooner if warranted.

Next Steps

You now know exactly what to do with crystals for your new home.

If you’re interested in joining our crystal clear community for more tips like this as well as a community of like-minded people, reach out to us directly to gain access!

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