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What is Bumblebee Jasper and What’s it Used For?

Learn about Bumblebee Jasper’s properties, chakras, astrological signs it is connected to, and the benefits you’ll experience by owning this beautiful crystal. Bumblebee jasper is a very easy crystal to recognize due to its unique coloring, which includes yellow, orange, white, grey, and black banding, which resembles a bumble bee, hence the name. What is […]

7 Best Ways to Tell if a Crystal is Real – Spot The Fakes!

One of the most common questions I get is, “How Can I Tell if a Crystal is Real?” Vendors sometimes sell crystals that are not natural, and at first glance, you may not notice that the crystal you purchased is not real!  To learn how to differentiate between a real, natural crystal and one that […]

6 Crystals Combos That Should Absolutely Never Be Put Together

What crystals should not be together, you ask? Crystals offer many healing benefits for physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.  Healing crystals often pair well in different combinations, but sometimes some crystals just don’t work well together.  Crystals that should not be together are ones that either overly amplify the energy of one or that neutralize each […]

Orgone Pyramids – Metaphysical Properties, Benefits & Uses

Orgone Pyramids, also known as Orgonite Pyramids, are carefully created to resonate with the earth’s natural energy. Orgonite is a variety of Quartz crystals and semi-precious gemstones that are mixed and layered with different metal shavings and resin in a ratio that resonates with the Earth’s Schumann Frequency. This frequency is referred to as the […]

Orca Agate – Meaning & Best Metaphysical Uses

Orca Agate is an Agate crystal that has unique white bands of color over layers of different colors, such as blue, black, gray, brown, yellow, or red. Named after its resemblance to an Orca whale, this healing Agate crystal is made of Chalcedony, a variety of Quartz crystals. Orca Agate is mined in Madagascar and […]

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