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Dragons blood stone

Dragons Blood Crystal – 6 Best Meanings & Uses of Jasper Stone

Dragon Blood Jasper is a rare crystal also known as Dragon Stone.

This stone resembles the skin of a dragon, with opaque red and green coloring swirled throughout the crystal in both raw and polished form. 

Dragons Blood Crystal

The red coloring has been described to resemble dragon’s blood.

Dragon Blood Jasper stones are actually not jasper, but rather a crystal made from Green Epidote and Red Piemontite.

A type of Quartz crystal, Dragon Blood crystal can be found in South Africa and Western Australia.

Metaphysical healing can be achieved with this stone, as Dragon Blood Jasper stimulates Kundalini energy and promotes chakra activation.

Fire and earth energies are connected to the stone which aids in awakening and grounding each chakra.

This stone’s green and red colors relate to the Heart Chakra and the Root chakra.

For metaphysical and energy healing of these chakras, begin to use Dragon Blood Jasper as part of your spiritual and emotional healing practice.

What kind of healing can Dragon Blood Jasper help with?

1. Courage

To promote feelings of courage, Dragon Stone helps to increase your personal power and strength.

This stone is powerful when it comes to supporting feelings of courage and will.

All of the chakras benefit from Dragon Blood Jasper, so place this stone on your body over the Solar Plexus chakra during meditation when you want to activate your courage.

2. Creativity

Dragon Blood crystal aids to stimulate creativity and passion through your Sacral chakra.

Place this stone on your body just above your naval to amplify the power of the energy here.

Bring new life to your ideas and passions as you work with these stones to enhance your creativity and spiritual connection to yourself.

Dragon’s Blood Jasper Stone

3. Vitality

Increase or balance your vitality as you work with your Kundalini energy by meditating with Dragon Blood Jasper.

The Sacral chakra connects to life force energy and this stone can rest on this chakra during meditation to amplify your personal levels of vitality and Kundalini energy.

These stones enforce strength to your energy and well-being.

4. Heart Chakra Healing

Dragon Blood Jasper connects to the Heart and Root chakra, using earth energy to ground you into your heart.

Work with this stone over your Heart chakra for healing energy to open yourself up to compassion, forgiveness, and self-love.

This stone offers strength to your heart center and emotional healing.

Learn to accept and love both self and others with the security and awareness Dragon Blood Jasper offers.

5. Sexual Healing

Work with Dragon Blood Jasper to reignite your sexual passion and fire.

This stone also works to align meridian pathways and promote fertility.

Wear a piece of Dragon Blood Jasper as jewelry when you are trying to conceive.

Connected to the Root and Sacral chakra, this stone helps to remove sexual blocks and dissolve stuck energies.

People use this stone to work through past life traumas related to sex that also affect this life.

Tap into dragons’ energy with this healing crystal to amplify your sex life.

6. Grounding

One sign you need grounding can be when you feel scattered, spacey, and unsettled.

Search your local crystal shop for a piece of Dragon Blood Jasper to connect to earth energy on a deeper level and feel more grounded.

Calm and balance your system by placing this stone at your Root chakra or holding a piece in your hand while meditating.

Tame chaotic energy with Dragon Blood Jasper to promote a sense of security and emotional well-being.

Action Steps

This crystal holds many metaphysical healing properties for your spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness.

Since Dragon Blood Jasper works to balance the chakras, there are many ways to use this crystal.

A versatile healing and grounding stone, Dragon Blood Jasper is an ideal gemstone in your crystal collection.

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