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Crystals for plants

8 Best Crystals for Plants Healing from Near Death

Crystals are often used to aid with healing ourselves and others, but did you know they can help plants, too?

House plants, garden plants, trees, and all things “green” benefit from crystals for plants.

Crystals can help plants flourish and grow abundantly and work to revive sick plants.

The healing energies of crystals promote growth and give your plants a boost.

You don’t need a green thumb to use crystals for plants. Just place the stones on the top of the soil and let the crystal energies and properties benefit your plants. 

Healing crystals for plants can be arranged to look beautiful on top of the soil or arranged around the garden.

You can use many healing stones in your garden or for healing your house plants.

Add balance and harmony to your garden or invite in abundance and positive earth energy with crystals for plants.

Here are some of the best crystals to boost and promote plant life and growth or help to revive your sick plants.

The 8 Best Crystals for Plants

Moss Agate

Moss Agate offers grounding earth energy for your plants and garden.

The healing properties of Moss Agate include growth and nurturing vibrations.

If your plant needs help with root growth, push Moss Agate into the soil to assist with the health and grounding of your plant.

A crystal associated with both nature and agriculture, Moss Agate connects to earth energy and nature spirits for healing.

Your green friends will soak up the positive energies of Moss Agate for healing and abundant growth.

This stone is one of the best healing crystals for your plants or garden.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is a crystal that promotes plant growth and works to boost plant vitality and abundant earth energy.

One of the best crystals for healing plants, Green Aventurine has a very healing, grounding, and nurturing energy when using crystals for plants.

This stone works to remove negative energies around your plants.

Place a Green Aventurine stone on top of the soil or around the garden for soothing energy and earth connection to help your plants grow.

Green Calcite

Green Calcite offers healing and a boost of energy to your plants and garden.

This crystal for plants helps to balance the energy and dissolve energy blocks that may be hindering plant growth.

A Green Calcite stone is another green stone that aids to stimulate the health of your plant.

Bring more of a connection to earth’s energy to your indoor plant with Green Calcite by placing this crystal in your plant pot near your plant’s roots.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is one of the best crystals for plants when it comes to energetic balance and protection.

The grounding earth energy of Tiger’s Eye helps to stabilize your plants and promotes prosperity and abundant growth.

Enhance the roots of your plant with this healing crystal. Tiger’s Eye works well in gardens and plant pots.


Green Tourmaline works as a very healing crystal for sick plants.

Full of healing energy, Green Tourmaline helps to remove negative energies and attract property for your plants and garden.

Black Tourmaline also promotes protection when it comes to plant health.

Both Green and Black Tourmaline bring balance and harmony to plants.

Clearing energy blocks and protecting against radiation, Black Tourmaline placed near the roots of your plants will help it to thrive.

Crystals and plants can benefit from all types of Tourmaline, so for more gentle energy choose Green Tourmaline and for more protective energy choose Black Tourmaline.


Amazonite acts as a very soothing and gentle stone when it comes to caring for plants, soil, and your garden.

The healing energies of Amazonite serve as an energy filter, protecting plants from geopathic stress.

When choosing crystals for plants, Amazonite offers balance and clears energy blocks.

Negative energy is removed with this stone and when it comes to healing crystals, Amazonite compliments plants nicely.

Try gardening with this stone nearby to soak up the healing energy.


Citrine placed in your garden or near your plants will help with increasing vital energy and growth.

Plants benefit from Citrine and the sunny disposition of these healing stones.

Gardens can flourish and thrive when you place Citrine in the soil.

When gardening and tending to plants you can use Citrine to raise the vibrations and positive energy.

A stone of abundance, Citrine works well in the garden to attract plant health.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a master healer to place in the soil with your plants or garden.

One of the best crystals for plants, use Clear Quartz to give life and vitality to your plant friends.

Full of healing and positive energy, Clear Quartz amplifies energy and promotes healing and abundance.

Stimulating growth, a Clear Quartz stone can help your plants by enhancing their health and positive well-being.

This master healer is a stone of power for all of your gardening needs.

Use Clear Quartz and its healing properties to dissolve negative energy around your indoor plants.

With your new connection to some of the best crystals for plants, you can start to place different stones throughout your garden and in your indoor plants.

You can create abundance and high vibrations using these protective and healing stones.

Grounding energies and earth connections help support indoor plants with these stones.

Negative energy can be dissolved as the stones bring new life to your plants.

Try a new crystal or work with different stones for the continued health of your garden and plants.

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