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Crystal Pendulum Dowsing

How to Quickly Improve Focus Using Crystal Pendulum Dowsing

Our ability to maintain focus is one of the most powerful skills we need to be a better listener, attentive learner, and effectively accomplish tasks.

Focus can be improved by making pendulum dowsing a part of your daily practice.

Let’s talk about some simple actions you can take to flex your focus muscle and better avoid being distracted.

What is crystal pendulum dowsing?

Crystal pendulum dowsing is a very simple technique for improving focus, relaxation, quieting the mind, and receiving intuitive answers to your deepest questions.

To start, let’s take a look at what a dowsing pendulum looks like.

As you can see below, it comprises of a dowsing pendulum with a point at one end attached to a necklace or string.

Crystal pendulum

People use dowsing in many different ways, yet it’s becoming a very popular tool to quiet the mind and maintain focus.

Watch how it’s used in the video below.

You can see how the pendulum movement is a very comforting way to quiet the subconscious mind by maintaining focus.

Crystal pendulums come in a variety of crystal types with the 3 most popular being:

  • Amethyst pendulums.
  • Clear quartz pendulums.
  • Rose quartz pendulums.

Any crystal type can be used as long as it is carved into the pendulum shape.

How to Use a Dowsing Pendulum

There are multiple ways to use dowsing pendulums but for our purposes, we will cover the easiest and most commonly used.

The easiest way is to hold the string of the pendulum between your thumb and index finger.

The video below shows how the power of the mind can influence your dowsing.

This is an older video with Oprah and Deepak Chopra yet I feel it’s a powerful example of the power of the mind.

A few deep breaths paired with placing your focus on the movement of the crystal swaying back and forth can truly be a relaxing experience.

The key to maintaining focus is to quiet the mind while avoiding distractions which is exactly what’s gained from this technique.

Next Steps

Make sure you find a crystal that resonates with you and is carved as a pendulum.

You can choose crystals based on your intention, zodiac sign, or simply whether one speaks tp you or not.

Make this technique part of your daily routine and watch your ability to focus strengthen.

The better you manage your focus, energy, and attention the more you desire in life will flow to you.

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