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Caribbean Calcite Crystals

Caribbean Calcite: A Guide To Its Meaning, Properties & Uses

Caribbean Calcite is an aqua blue crystal with shades of white or brown inclusions.

Caribbean Calcite gemstone is a rare combination of Blue Calcite and White and Brown Aragonite minerals.

Although it’s not actually found in the Caribbean, the name comes from the tranquil resemblance to the beaches of the Caribbean.

Discovered several years ago in Pakistan, Caribbean Calcite crystals offer many healing properties and spiritual energies.

Caribbean Blue Calcite is a new stone to help you on your personal growth and spiritual journey.

Caribbean calcite

Caribbean Calcite Spiritual Meaning

Spiritually, Caribbean Calcite crystals help to enhance one’s psychic abilities.

Connecting to both the crown and third eye chakra, these healing calcite gemstones enable contact with your higher selves.

Caribbean Calcite works with you to find your inner truth as a tool on the path to spiritual enlightenment.

Caribbean Calcite helps you to open your third eye and expand your level of consciousness.

Use these crystals when you want to raise your vibration to a higher level by working with Caribbean Calcite and your crown chakra.

This healing crystal is helpful with spiritual enlightenment, awakenings, and transforming your psychic abilities through the third eye chakra.

A highly spiritual stone, Caribbean Calcite aids with clairvoyance and the strengthening of intuition.

Caribbean Calcite Healing Properties and Benefits

The combination of Blue Calcite and both White Aragonite and Brown Aragonite offers many healing properties and benefits with Caribbean Calcite.

The calming energy of Caribbean Calcite helps to alleviate high levels of stress and anxiety.

Use Caribbean Calcite to help you sleep at night and enhance lucid dreams.

Emotional understanding can be reached on a deeper level through Caribbean Calcite. This stone allows you to connect to your most true self.

Caribbean Calcite can help you to release old emotions, thoughts, and patterns as it brings these issues to the surface with a gentle energy.

The energy of Caribbean Calcite can be activating when it comes to the crown chakra and the third eye chakra, connecting you to your inner knowing and inner truth.

Another benefit of Caribbean Calcite is that this healing crystal helps you to stay present and more in the “now” moment.

You can also use Caribbean Calcite with your throat chakra for physical healing and to support speaking your truth and self-expression.

Using this healing stone with the throat chakra promotes clearer communication and honesty.

Caribbean Calcite enhances your self-awareness and brings a deeper knowledge of self.

How to Use Caribbean Calcite

A great way to begin using Caribbean Calcite is through meditation. This crystal can aid with deeper states of relaxation for meditation, offering more meaning and inspiration to your practice.

Caribbean Calcite towers placed in your home or workspace help to remove negative energy and promote positive energy.

Caribbean Calcite towers or stones make a useful addition to your home if you seek to replace negative energy with positive and calming energy.

Heal your chakras by placing a piece of Caribbean Calcite on your body over the chakra you are balancing.

The throat chakra, crown chakra, and third eye chakras all benefit from these healing crystals.

For a peaceful night’s sleep, place Caribbean Calcite under your pillow or on your nightstand.

To enhance lucid dreaming or astral travel, set the intention before you go to sleep with your crystal.

Before using this stone for crystal healing, cleanse Caribbean Calcite of old energy with herbs, incense, sage, sound, or running water.

Caribbean Calcite vs Blue Aragonite

Caribbean Calcite and Blue Aragonite are similar in appearance and metaphysical properties, but they are still different stones.

Blue Aragonite is a calcium carbonate mineral that only becomes Calcite when it is heated above 400 degrees Celsius.

Blue Aragonite can be found all over the globe, while Caribbean Calcite is newly mined in Pakistan.

If you are unsure which crystal you have found, Blue Aragonite is more glass-like or coarse in appearance compared to Caribbean Calcite.

It is also hard and brittle, while Caribbean Calcite is softer.

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In Summary

Caribbean Calcite has many healing properties and benefits to help you on your personal growth and spiritual journey.

Align your chakras, and find inner peace and emotional awareness with this healing crystal.

Work with the energies of Caribbean Calcite to enhance your inner vision and psychic abilities as you raise your level of consciousness.

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