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Pink Calcite Meaning, Metaphysical Properties, & 5 Uses

Pink calcite also known as Mangano Calcite has a waxy and translucent appearance and is used for healing, cleansing, and self-love.

Pink calcite

Its most powerful metaphysical property is it being considered a stone of compassion.

This crystal is similar and often confused with rose quartz.

Spiritual Meaning & Healing Properties of Pink Calcite

Pink calcite helps invite loving energy to your entire body through its angelic healing power.

This is a perfect crystal if you’re looking to find unconditional love from a family member or a partner.

This calcite crystal invites self-compassion through the forgiving nature of these pink stones.

If you’ve experienced any form of trauma and are struggling with the emotions related to it seek help from a professional and bring pink calcite to your appointments.

How to Use the Metaphysical Properties of Pink Calcite

Now that we understand crystal’s beauty, energy, and healing properties, let’s talk about how to use it.

How to use pink calcite crystal:

1. Setting intentions

Holding these pink crystals in your left-hand while softly and gently setting your daily intentions is a very powerful use of these crystals.

Start with a clear mind free of thought and watch your desires manifest into reality.

2. Meditation

Pink calcite is great for removing the resistance to thoughts entering your mind while meditating.

Our monkey minds love the chatter and this crystal allows thoughts to flow through us instead of being resistant to them.

3. Reiki healing

Reiki is all about moving energy through the body by unblocking chakras.

Energy stuck in the heart chakra will begin to flow when you place this gemstone over your heart while lying down either to rest or at bedtime.

4. Decrease anxiety

Lifting the tension of stress and anxiety of holding on to our emotional attachments is a gift this stone offers.

Use these crystals to release the grief and guilt of your past and fears of the future.

5. Feel self-love

A powerful way to use this crystal is for self-love and self-acceptance.

Use it as a pendant or necklace allowing its positive energy to be close to your heart.

Pink Calcite – Heart Chakra – Zodiac of Cancer

Crystal healing with pink mangano calcite is especially powerful for those of the zodiac sign of cancer.

Pink crystals are popular for the heart chakra.

Here are some other healing pink crystals for you to consider:

  • Lepidolite
  • Rhodonite
  • Rose quartz

When working with any crystal hoping to open up the heart chakra focus on peace, acceptance, and loving yourself just as you are.

All too often we want to be someone different and fail to recognize that we are enough just as we are.

With all our perceived imperfections.

We often choose to love those around us with their imperfections yet forget to treat ourselves with the same loving energy.

People with the zodiac sign of cancer are typically emotionally charged, making this the perfect crystal for self-regulation and emotional intelligence.

Shop for Pink Calcite

One of our favorite ways to enjoy these healing crystals is by having a selenite bowl containing these crystals for healing.

Place them by your bedside, by your side at work, or wherever you practice meditation.

Here is an example which is available at our store.

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