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Oracle Cards vs Tarot Cards [Differences & Similarities Between The Two]

The beauty of oracle card decks lies in the spiritual practice they promote.

In a world vying for your attention every day, opening your oracle deck is opening your mind to self-exploration, reflection, and curiosity by better focusing your energy.

You’re about to learn everything you’ll ever want to know about oracle card decks!


Oracle Card Decks


What Are Oracle Cards?

Oracle cards are like a set of playing cards, yet images of kings and queens are replaced with those of spirit animals, fairies, and mystical scenes created in a very artistic way.

They are used as a self-exploration tool or for fun.

There is often a word or message assigned to every card as well.

Oracle cards open your mind to tap into your inner wisdom and intuition with the guidance of source, energy, and the angelic realm.

A guidebook often accompanies them to help walk you through how to use them.

This makes these decks great for beginners.

“Oracle Cards” and “Oracle Decks” are used interchangeably and mean the same thing.

Different cards represent different questions to ask and different areas of your life to reflect upon.


Oracle Cards For Beginners


The true beauty behind oracle cards is they invite you to disconnect yourself from the daily grind and free your mind.

People using these decks often report less stress and anxiety, inner peace, and life manifestation.


What Are Oracle Cards Used For?

Oracle card decks serve as a self-reflection tool for spiritual practice or for fun.

They offer insight into yourself and what the universe has in store for you!

Ask questions or seek guidance on life, clarity for decision-making, or a sneak peek into your future.

Most Oracle decks have guidebooks, yet often the messages on the cards themselves are usually clear!

Choosing an oracle card reading each morning is a great way to give yourself a little direction on approaching your day.


Oracle Cards vs. Tarot Cards

Oracle cards often teach the same information as the tarot card, yet significant differences exist.

The most significant difference between Tarot Cards and Oracle Cards is that Tarot Cards use a particular system for their use, while Oracle Cards are much more flexible in their number, design, and use.

Almost every Tarot card deck is based on the iconic Rider-Waite tarot deck.

Rider-WaiteTarot Deck

Tarot decks are traditionally structured and commonly understood, while Oracle cards can be of any content and number of cards.

Oracle’s most often include a deck and guidebook.

Let’s break down the differences even more.


Oracle Cards

Oracle cards work similarly to Tarot cards, yet they are quite different.

Similar to a Tarot deck, an oracle deck is a collection of card sets allowing for guidance in determining the reality of life.

Oracle decks may appear looser and more interpretative.

They have very close ties in nature to tarot cards, but they have different requirements.

Oracle cards differ because the cards each have their significance or meaning.


The Vibe Mindset Oracle Cards


It’s not a traditional number, suit, or imagery, as seen with Tarot.

The cards’ structure, meaning, and interpretation reside with the creator.

It’s also important to note the number of cards in an oracle deck can be whatever its creator chooses.

Tarot cards, on the other hand, are always 78 cards in all cases.


Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are divided between major and minor arcana.

While many different Tarot Cards decks offer wonderful interpretation images, decks will include around 78 cards with certain messages on them.

The Rider Waite Tarot deck is the most popular.

It’s widespread for those who do readings to use several tarot decks and, during the same reading, use one of several oracle card decks.

A great deck is one the reader can connect with to access the power of divination through the energies of spirit animals, angels, and wisdom from source energy.


How To Choose An Oracle Card Deck

The vast amount of Oracle cards available sometimes makes buying a bit overwhelming.

Many oracle decks are available, yet which will best support and guide you on your spiritual journey?

Oracle cards invite us to connect with our spiritual and emotional side.

If you love astrology, horoscopes, numerology, and sacred geometry, you will find deep love and appreciation for an oracle card deck.

Draw on ancient sacred symbols and mythological symbols from the entire universe and moon.

One of the most common ways a person is drawn to a deck is through the imagery and artwork found within the deck.

Art created with images of angels may appeal to some, while art created with images of spirit animals and the moon appeals to others.

The best way to discover which deck you are drawn to is to get a few readings and see which resonated with you best.


11 Best Oracle Cards for 2023

You’ll find that these are the best oracle cards for beginners as they offer simplicity, and most of them also include a guidebook.

Here are the best oracle cards in no particular order.

  1. The Vibe Mindset Oracle Cards
  2. Moonology
  3. Nocturna
  4. Mystical Shaman
  5. Goddess Power Oracle
  6. Sacred Destiny
  7. Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Cards
  8. Energy Oracle Cards
  9. The Spirit Animal Oracle
  10. Work Your Light Oracle Cards
  11. Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck
  12. Sacred Symbols Oracle Deck

My favorite decks always spoke to me the strongest when I first saw them, and I couldn’t wait to hold them in my hands!


How To Use Oracle Cards

Let’s discuss how to use an oracle card deck and guidebook the right way.

The wisdom of decks lies in your ability to use the inspirational power of a deck to ignite the intuition and wisdom of your inner world.

Oracle card decks are great for people looking to explore their inner child or do shadow work.

You can pull one card every morning or pull three cards at a time once a week with a friend if you so choose.

You may even choose to create a ceremony around pulling cards while sitting under the healing power of a full moon.

You’ll notice the meaning of the same card can change upon pulling it on a different day.

This is a matter of the energy variations we all experience throughout the day or even through the hour.

This knowledge is a perfect example of why people tend to view the same imagery and artwork yet gain a unique and powerful message every time.

You can pull a card from a deck and view just the card or refer to the guidebook for additional guidance and support.

Many people enjoy pulling cards until they find one card they feel wants to speak to them.

An oracle deck and guidebook are to be used and loved by you in your own unique way.


What should I ask Oracle Cards?

There are many ways to unlock an oracle card deck’s ideas, messages, and answers.

Here are some different ways to ask the right question to get the best answer.

  • Ask open-ended questions.
  • Become very relaxed before your reading.
  • Quiet your mind to allow answers to flow through you.

Beginners quickly discover that a guidebook is a powerful tool to help with the many interpretations that can be revealed from a single message.


Next Steps

The joy in Oracle cards lies in moving from the natural world to the space of the outer world.

Keep in mind healing, guidance, and clarity come quickest when you make card reading a daily practice.

Break free from the frustration and regret of your past and turn the page to a brighter future.

Buy a few oracle card decks and watch the transformation in your life happen!

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