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About us

Collecting crystals and rocks was my very first hobby as a kid. I remember being fascinated first by micca, then quartz, and then stores showcasing crystals and I was then hooked!

The Owners of Cards & Crystals

Evelyn & Jay

When you’re obsessed with crystals, you quickly realize all you do is accumulate more and more crystals.

Never considering the idea of selling them. You explore local and online stores, and the thrill of ordering and receiving crystals can become an addiction.

We decided to turn our addiction into a way to feed our family while still being able to feed our obsession.

How she helps

Evelyn runs the business

The brains and beauty behind Cards & Crystals are Evelyn. She answers any questions you may have and fulfills all the orders.

She is always searching for the best quality crystals and crystal jewelry to offer you and her always-growing collection.

Her creative mind created the logo we use for the boxes we use for shipping smaller crystals and crystal jewelry.

How he helps

Jay runs the YouTube Channel

Our YouTube channel helps people learn about our best-seller, The Vibe Mindset Oracle Cards.

It’s also an excellent way for us to inspire people new to crystals to learn more about them.

Being animated isn’t an issue for Jay, as you can see in this photo which we’re hoping he doesn’t notice I put up. (Evelyn)

Jay runs the YouTube channel
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